Life groups // discipleship Groups // Community Groups

Life Groups

    Life Groups are an opportunity to both experience relationship and dedicate yourself to various outlets of spiritual learning. You can find a home in any one of our variety of groups and studies available. 

Discipleship Groups

    Discipleship groups are designed to be an intentional opportunity to develop healthy growth in your faith. Join a group of 3-5 people and be ready to experience deep relationship and encouragement as together you can be real with each other about your journeys through life. 

Community Groups

    Community Groups provide a chance to become involved in the lifeblood of the church. Experience relationship by taking part in a monthly night out to participate in a good meal, and rub shoulders with your church family in a fun and casual environment. 

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  • Young Ladies Bible study

    Colleen Pastoor & Tylene Toews

    Time: Thursdays at 8:00pm

    Contact: Tylene @

  • The Father's Heart

    Marianna Dobrovolny & the Cheungs

    Time: Sunday Night at 7-9pm

    Contact: Marianna @

    Contact: Daniel and Sandra @

  • Caring and sharing food ministry (Ladies)

    Fern Winsor

    Time: Wednesday at 1:00pm

    Location: Gateway City Church

    Contact: Church Office

  • Couples' Group

    Ryan & Jenn Buck

    Time: Sunday Evening

    Contact: Ryan @

    Contact: Jenn @

  • Coffee's on (KIDS INCluded)

    Sarah Winsor & Tara Lokstet

    Time: Fridays 9-11 am

    Contact: Sarah @

    Contact: Tara @

  • freedom Session

    Tennille Phipps

    Time: Wednesday Nights


  • Her Connection

    Kathryn Schultz

    Time: Typically the second Friday of every month 7-9


  • The Grants

    Kevin & Torry

    Time: To be determined

    Contact: or

  • Young At Heart

    Detty Edgecomb & Delyse Smith

    Time: Monday 10am on the first and third week of the month. 


  • Village

    Katy Juthman

    Time: 9:30 Every Tuesday

    Location: Riverside Park (Playground by Heritage Building)